Sworn translation


Our sworn translators and interpreters are professionals appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and they guarantee the accuracy and veracity of translations.

If you are required to provide an official/sworn/certified translation, you need the services of a sworn translator. At Sprint we have sworn translators for practically all languages. Professionals who are specialised in subject matters such as law, economics, medicine, etc.

Should you require legalisation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy or Consulate, etc., we can sometimes provide this service to you for an additional fee.

The following are some of the documents for which a sworn translation is normally required:
•  Academic certificates for validation of courses, applying for scholarships, higher studies, jobs, etc.
•  Administrative documents: Birth, death, marriage certificates, etc.
•  Notarial documents: Last will and testaments, powers of attorney, deeds, etc.
•  Company documents: Memorandum & Articles of Association, contracts, etc.

Sworn translations are legally construed as public documents and therefore have an official bearing.

We undertake sworn translations from and into almost all languages.

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