interpretacionLanguage interpretation is an interlinguistic mediation activity which consists of transferring an oral discourse from one language into another.

Different interpreting techniques are used for the several interpretation scopes such as conferences, negotiations, courts, interviews, travel, etc.
Do contact us if you need information about the interpretation services that best suit your needs, and we will be delighted to help out.

Simultaneous interpretation: (in a booth)

interpretation1In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter verbally translates into the target language while the speaker talks. This process is done inside a soundproofed booth and there are normally two interpreters per booth for each language combination. They take turns at interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation is generally done at congresses, conventions, trade fairs, exhibitions, business meetings, round table sessions, workshops, etc.

Sprint can provide you with a strong team of conference interpreters in several languages who can make smooth communication between people a reality.

Our interpreters have the required training and experience, and are available for travel within Spain and elsewhere.

In case your company does not have the technical equipment required for simultaneous interpretation, do ask us for advice and we will be glad to help you with the equipment.



Consecutive interpretation

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter delivers the verbal translation only after the speaker has paused or stopped speaking. The speech is normally divided into parts and the interpreter takes written notes while the speaker is talking. The full message of the part is only delivered to the audience when the speaker pauses to let the interpreter deliver the translation into the target language.

Consecutive interpretation can be used in many cases ranging from institutional speeches to company meetings, workshops, classes, courses, etc.


Bilateral or Liaison interpretation

Liaison interpretation consists of transferring information between two or more persons who speak two different languages.

This type of interpretation is carried out in business negotiations, interviews, court rooms, hospitals, schools, etc.

Sprint has an experienced team of interpreters in many languages to handle your communications handicap if any and ensure successful communication. We not only can provide you regular services in English, French, German, Portuguese, etc. but also in languages such as Romanian, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Polish, etc.

Negotiations often fail due to lack of understanding between the parties. Try working with our interpreters and you will be pleasantly surprised at our professionalism and the results you obtain.


Sign language

Sprint can also provide you with sign language interpreters for Spain and sometimes for other European countries too. Do contact us if you wish to hire a professional interpreter.


Other interpretation techniques: whispered, telephone, videoconference, etc.

Besides the interpretation techniques mentioned above, our interpreters are also good at other interpretation techniques such as whispered interpretation, telephone interpretation, videoconference interpretation, company visit interpretation, etc…

Therefore, if you wish to have an interpreter at a meeting, telephone conversation, negotiations, videoconference, visit, etc., then do remember that Sprint can provide you with the most suitable professional that you need.

  • Available for travel anywhere in the world.
  • Client confidentiality is assured at all times.
  • Rental services of audiovisual equipment for simultaneous interpretation, for round table debates, for guided visits, etc.


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