About Us

We are a translation agency and a language centre founded in Vigo (Pontevedra, Spain) which has since then been exclusively dedicated to providing translation and interpretation, and language teaching services to a wide range of clients. As a language centre, Sprint is specialised in teaching foreign languages, especially English at all levels. Our services are normally provided to individuals on our premises but can also be provided to companies on their premises.


If you need to get a text translated from and into any language, kindly contact us and request for an estimate. After receiving your order confirmation, we will provide you with a quality job, done by just the one translator and revised by one or more professionals.


Should you require interpretation, we have a strong team of professional interpreters that work in several languages with experience in specialised sectors. Do send us information about the event and your needs and we will send you our best offer.

Language centre

Sprint has spacious classrooms equipped with the tools needed for efficient language teaching and a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who teach in their native tongue.

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